Rules of Engagement – Larry Robbin

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  • December 9, 2021
    10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Who Should Attend

  • Professional staff and managers from workforce, education, human services and other organizations who provide workforce development programs.
  • Those seeking to discover new ways to improve customer engagement and success.

What You’ll Get

Engagement with a workforce program is frequently thought of as a one level concept. In this way of thinking, people are either engaged or not engaged. In fact, there are eight possible levels of engagement. Engagement is also often thought of as the relationship between people and the staff. But the degree of engagement is also a direct result of the program design, services and culture. Every one of these components plays important parts in this process, but they are rarely analyzed from a comprehensive perspective.

The Rules of Engagement is a unique comprehensive webinar about how to deepen the connection of people with your program so they take full advantage of what you have to offer and stay with the program until they no longer need the services.

  • Learn from the feedback of hundreds of people on what they like and don’t like about the workforce programs that serve them. This eye opening process will make it possible for you to compare your program with the standards of excellence that are practiced in state-of-the-art organizations.
  • Discover innovative ways to make the pathway through your workforce program more welcoming and engaging.
  • Discover how to spot and eliminate the disengagement bumpers in your program. Transform your services and culture into an engagement magnet that appeals at the highest levels to the people you serve.
  • Gain greater understanding about the individual experiences and socio-demographic factors that combine to shape the engagement process.A revolutionary model for seeing engagement as an eight dimensional concept will be presented. Attendees will learn how to identify the attitude and behavioral clues that come with each stage of engagement. This concrete framework for assessing engagement levels is an extremely helpful guide to deepening the relationship with your program participants.
  • A wide variety of strategies for moving to higher levels of engagement will be provided. You’ll advance your ability to assess, improve and understand engagement at a much higher level, resulting in much better outcomes for your program.
  • Fewer people will drop out of your program. People will show a much higher level of commitment to the services offered by your organization. This new level of investment means that people will make progress faster and be much less likely to relapse into old behaviors. Issues that used to overwhelm progress become transformed into success stories as engagement drives new levels of change.
  • Improve your skills and help people to achieve better outcomes.
  • When full engagement happens on the levels of program design, culture and staff relationships, levels of success can be achieved that you might never have thought possible. This transforms programs, staff and the people that are in the program. This is the goal of the Rules of Engagement.
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