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Rogue Valley Economic Brief:

(from Carlos D. Diaz, Orgon Employment Department, Workforce Analyst/ Economist)

View the Rogue Valley November Labor Market Infographic on QualityInfo.

Jackson County added 1,440 jobs over the year, an increase of 1.6% since November 2021 and Josephine added 850 jobs, an increase of 3.1%. Some of the industries fueling employment gains over the year in Medford were health care and social assistance (+910 jobs) and private education and health services (+790). Trade, transportation, and utilities lost 680 jobs. Josephine County saw private education and health services adding the most jobs (+370), while professional and business services lost 110 jobs. The Grants Pass MSA is now 390 jobs above the November 2019 pre-pandemic level. Both Josephine County and the state saw unemployment rates tick up a couple of percentage points, but are still near historic lows and Jackson County’s unemployment rate remained the same from last month at 4.7%.

You can find the Valley’s Employment Press Release that dives deeper into industry specific employment details.

Graph of the Month: Home Value over Time in the Valley

This month we take a look at typical home values in the Rogue Valley courtesy of Zillow housing data. The data used is for “mid-tier” priced homes that fall in the 35-65 percentile range of home prices for an area. Highlighted in the graph are the typical home values in 2019 and 2022, Oregon’s annual average home value increased by 40% in those 4 years. Jackson’s typical home gained 38% in value and Josephine’s 42%.

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