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Organizational Leadership: Team Leadership and Collaboration Micro Credential – Online (Day 1)

  •  April 3, 2023
     12:00 am

This Micro-Credential will teach social and emotional intelligence and how these competencies can strengthen leadership skills, enhance personal and professional growth, and promote a deeper understanding of collaboration. It emphasizes knowledge of individual emotional intelligence, conflict styles, and group dynamics in order to be a better leader of teams and collaborator in groups. Once three of the courses are completed, you will earn a Team Leadership and Collaboration badge to post on your professional sites and earn 12 undergraduate or graduate credits.

You must complete this workshop in addition to two (2) more in order to obtain the microcredential.

Online workshop from April 3 to June 16, 2023

For more information and to register contact Moneeka Settles

Vist the SOU Micro-Credential Team Leadership and Collaboration site or view a Flyer.